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  • Schroedahl High-Class Specialty Valves


    Schroedahl is a globally operating company with decades of experience in development and manufacturing of high-class specialty valves for power stations, industrial plants as well as for production, transport and refining systems in the oil and gas sector.

    Schroedahl is a worldwide market leader in pump protection systems and are known for their reliability & low cost of ownership.

    AC Controls is proud to offer Schoroedal’s outstanding line of pump protection, steam conversion, desuperheater and turbine bypass valves.

    Specialty Valves from Schroedahl

    Desuperheater »

    Precision desuperheating from Schroedalh

    Pump Protection Valves »

    Pump protection valves from Schroedahl

    Turbine Bypass »

    Turbine bypass valves from Schroedahl

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