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  • Daisy Data

    Daisy Data Display

    Daisy Data specializes in ruggedized industrial computers and components. With 30 years of experience in hazardous environment computer equipment, Daisy Data has the experience your application requires. Daisy Data serves military, oil, chemical, pharmaceutical, food, flight, and other industries with a variety of products designed to withstand the harshest conditions. Product lines include pre-built industrial PC’s, monitors, touch screens, keyboards, purge controls, mounting hardware, and accessories, as well as custom units. Satisfied customers using Daisy Data products include the United States Government, NATO, and multiple Fortune 500 companies. For industrial computer hardware and components that have been proven worldwide, choose Daisy Data Inc.

    For more information on Daisy Data products, including ruggedized computers, monitors, touch screens, and more, contact AC Controls.

    Re-think ruggedized computers, monitors, touch screens, and keyboards with products from Daisy Data.

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