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  • BLX/VAC Valve Accessories and Control Products


    BLX/VAC provides valve accessories and control products for the automation and process industries. Their unique company partnership has flourished with a reputation for manufacturing high-quality and reliable products. BLX/VAC specializes in high performance Valve Positioners and Feedback devices for rotary and linear Actuators, including the V100 line of Positioners and R100/300 line of Feedback devices. Valve Positioners from BLX/VAC are available in a variety of configurations, including Pneumatic or Electro-Pneumatic service, intrinsically safe, explosion proof, fail freeze, and many others.

    For more information on BLX/VAC Positioners and Feedback devices, contact AC Controls.

    High quality, high performance positioners and feedback devices from BLX-VAC

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